NOTE: Don Johnson W6AAQ is now SK. He passed away in April 2010. His Memorial will be held in California coming up in July. See info on DK page.



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  W6AAQ  SK April 14 2010

It was nearly 20 years ago when I first met Don W6AAQ at a swap in Sacramento Ca. He wandered over to my table and inspected what I was selling and gave me a funny look; and asked why I was not selling his antenna? I replied I don't know, what do you have? He wandered away for a few moments and returned with 3 of his DK-3 antennas, and dropped them on my table and started to walk away saying; " you can pay me later." I had no idea at the time who he was, or what the antennas were. I had to chase after him in the parking lot and asked who he was, and what were the antennas he left with me. That was Don's plan, to have me learn about the antennas; I did, and sold them for Don for over 16 years. He will be greatly missed, a great ham in every sense of the word. His legacy lives on all over the world. 

Dit Dit Dit Dah Dit Dah     73 Doug.  KC6FRY

"DK-3 Screwdriver Inventor" W6AAQ, now a Silent Key
Don Johnson, W6AAQ, inventor of the screwdriver mobile antenna died Wednesday, April 14th according to his son Don Jr. He had been ill for several months and died in a hospital. I have no further details. Don lived in Esparto, a small community in Northern California west of Sacramento.

He will be buried with full military honors at the National Cemetery in Dixon, California. A memorial service will be held in July. 

It is with great sorrow to report this news. Don will be missed. Our condolences to Litha and sons.




    W6AAQ Inventor of the DK-3 Screwdriver Antenna











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